About Zeldiva

We are a group of eager and passionate individuals with personal professions that aligned us to access the rare vantage point to the heart of the travel industry of the Maldives. We have the opportunity to closely observe the inner working of the business, and our staff always take the time to familiarize with our products and are well-informed on the needs and demands of our customers which helps to provide better customer services.
Our familiarity in this industry is not our only advantage; significantly the industry itself is familiar with our personnel. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to maintain the reputation of a capable, reliable, constant and customer oriented Travel Agency in Male’, the capital of the Maldives to provide modern, convenient and personalised services enhanced with ingenuity.
We will take new opportunities and fresh challenges making a prominent and familiar name in the Travel Industry.
We envision our success ambitiously and we are committed to expand, explore and discover new grounds for advancement and enhance the quality of our customer services. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the utmost level of customer service without interruption and then to commit ourselves to update all methods of communication. We embrace modern thought, creative thinking and innovative ideas and streamline our services so as to facilitate our customers with the most affordable, convenient and personalized ways to achieve their dream holidays.
We are enthusiastic to establish mutually rewarding partnerships in the Travel Industry with the focus to provide excellent services for travelers. We are determined to develop out-of-the box experiences for our customers and provide affordable and fantastic holidays.
We want to be the Travel Agent committed and available for the luxurious, leisure and impulsive holiday-seeker traveling to the Maldives; be it the active looking for adventure, the family seeking all-inclusive packaged stays, the couple looking for rest and relaxation, the honeymooners looking for tropical romance, the discerning searching for luxury and high-end lifestyle, the backpacker exploring the local way of life. 

Customer Service

Our target is to provide our services with a smile, with the motivation to make it easier for you to get away on your vacation.
We will take your desires and needs foremost and in accordance, provide our services with a flexible and friendly approach. Our services includes providing for all types of travelers – the reason for Zeldiva taking a modern-day approach and creating an easy way to get away on that dream vacation.
Our success will be in creating a group of individual staff who are passionate about travel, respond to your needs and the spirit to make your dream true.
We help you - to create your tour in the Maldives, to seek that much needed getaway, to explore and discover Maldives on your vacation, to experience tropical romance, to enjoy family fun and relaxation and to pursue privacy and luxury.